Schwarz Kreuz includes religious references that some may find slightly offensive. I assure you this is all in good fun, I by no means intend to offend anyone. I do not mean to blaspheme the cross, nor do I intend to glorify christianity. However it is difficult to write a story about a vampire without religion coming into it. If you are profoundly offended IÕm sorry, but you are not under any compunction to read this comic.

The same is true for the violence. I by no means condone the use of swords or guns in any instance. The truth is this comic contains a great deal of bloodshed, blood being another centrally important part of any vampire story. There is certainly and regrettably more violent activity occurring on television everyday, only a fraction of which is world news. Again I am not compelling anyone to read this comic against their will.

Also let it be known that I do not advocate the excessive use of alcohol in any way. A responsible drink with friends at the pub or a glass of wine at a party is all well and good, but excesive use of achohol can kill, not only the drinker but inocent people. Please, be responsible.

If that has not scared you away, then please enjoy yourselves.

-Rhiannon McCullough

A Very Special Thanks to...

Marjorie Lunberg, Sara Turner, Josh Brennen, Peter McCullough, Jen Elamparo, David Streever, Mom, Dad, in memoery of Secret

Disclaimer & Special Thanks

Schwarz Kreuz is the original work and property of Rhiannon McCullough ©2003/2008