Schwarz Kreuz is the story of a man trying to cling to his humanity. Nikolas Von Helsing, Priest and Paladin, sacrifices his soul in order to maintain what is left of his paladinetic order. A monster hunter turned Vampire, he leads a hypocritical existence, abstaining from blood, and trying to hang onto the humanity he lost with his sacrifice and which is slowly seeping away through alcoholism. As a field agent for the London Institute for Supernatural Investigation he is partnered with Joan Kaine, an optimistic telepath and a firestarter who was adopted by the agency after she inadvertently caused the fire with killed both her parents. The two of them police London's supernatural on a day to day basis, however the stakes are about to get higher. Blood, tears, action, schnapps, soul searching with it's share of light humour and the complexities of being human, dead or alive.

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Disclaimer & Special Thanks

Schwarz Kreuz is the original work and property of Rhiannon McCullough 2003/2008