Freelance windmill mechanics Malcolm Corbin and Blue Billingsley try to make their way in a post industrial world where hard work and good intentions can only get you so far. After picking up hitchhiker Kat Corso, they realize you can only run so far before you have to turn around and face your past.

A collaborative effort, drawn by Peter McCullough, inked and coloured by Rhiannon McCullough. A post apocalyptic steampunk fairytale. Two girls on a quest for justice find themselves responsible for saving their world. A world which they find has more to it than meets the eye.

The story of a man trying to cling to his humanity. A monster hunter turned Vampire trying to hang onto the humanity which is slowly seeping away through alcoholism. Blood, tears, action, schnapps, soul searching with it's share of light humour and the complexities of being human, dead or alive.

Doppelganger Geisha Graphics

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